Spirit of Place – Lecture by Chad Oppenheim

Oct 19 at 6pm
R & Company, 64 White Street, New York, NY 10013
Organized by R & Company

While we are the most connected species to ever roam this planet, possessing the technological ability to experience the world beyond our physical limits and instantaneously. But we are also the most disconnected, alienated from each other and our habitats. We communicate with people around the globe and vicariously engaging with the experiences of others. Yet, we don’t find the time to smell the flowers, watch a rising or setting sun, or celebrate a full moon.

By blurring the boundaries between nature and architecture and heightening our awareness of the beauty that surrounds us, design can bring ecological transformation and awakening, reconnecting and aligning us to the land and Earth.

Chad Oppenheim is the founding principal of OPPENHEIM Architecture, an architecture, interior design, and planning firm based in Miami, with offices in Los Angeles and Basel, Switzerland.


Please RSVP by emailing lecture@oppenoffice.com.

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Saturday, Oct 27
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